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“Our portfolio managers and products are not getting the attention from the media they deserve.”

“I want to manage money but get rid of the headache of operating the mutual fund.”

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5 Key Benefits and Considerations of Thought Leadership

Aug 31, 2017

If you can establish yourself as an expert in your industry, potential clients and customers will inherently trust you more – and equally beneficial, bloggers and reporters will also respond to you more warmly if you’re seen as an industry leader. Interested in becoming more of a thought leader in 2018? Dan Sondhelm and other marketing gurus share their best ideas.

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Why Pros Use Rolling Periods

Aug 7, 2017

Investors shopping for mutual funds or ETFs look at past performance. So, as an asset manager, understand that putting your best foot forward may not include trailing data. Instead, rolling periods are used by sophisticated investors to better understand how your strategy performs over different time periods over time. Some stories resonate better this way. Dan Sondhelm commented for this story.

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Bigger Fund Flows Stem From Low-Fee Funds and ETF’s

Aug 1, 2017

While more investment advisors are pivoting back toward actively managed funds, it’s low-fee funds and ETFs that are seeing a majority of the flows, according to Broadridge Financial Solutions in a recent report. Industry analysts, including Dan Sondhelm, commented for the story.

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Voices : Expansion plans? Here’s what firms should read

July 17, 2017

Many successful institutional asset managers would like to convince financial advisers to offer their products to investors. But they often believe they can create effective marketing materials simply by repurposing the highly technical performance data they provide to consultant databases. Dan Sondhelm advises them that this approach won’t work, since RIAs and brokers use different criteria for evaluating and selecting funds, but these strategies will.

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